*The following material contains content intent for mature listeners only*

All Audio is in MP3 format.

**audio is from animated pieces. Check Animation section below for animated video versions.
audio is from feature or short film. Check the Film section below for Quicktime video versions.

Kids in the Hall
Excerpts from various pieces written and performed by the infamous comedy group.
Couples Counseling 1
Couples Counseling 2
Couples Counseling 3
Barry In The Bathroom**
Hal 2000

First Time Caller***
Music from the original version of this film starring Patrick Warburton, Chris Elliot and Fred Willard
The Explanation
Enter the Traveller
Please Call Back
I'm the Caller

Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day***
Music from the award winning zombie comedy horror short
Opening Title
Geeks Kick Ass
The Machine
Window Zombie Version 1
Window Zombie Version 2

Excerpts from other pieces:
Noriega's Maid** - Sandra Bernhard
A short animation written and primarily performed by Sandra.

The Wet Spot (Episode 3)** - Eddie Griffin
Excerpt from series cowritten and entirely performed by Eddie.

Billy and Sprinkles**- Harland Williams
Theme song for Harland's animated series. Music by Patrick Kaliski.

12 Horoscopes - Beth Lapides
A weekly reading from the comedy queen herself

Radio cross-promos for Comedy World national radio
Ahmet Zappa & Kennedy
Alan Havey
Bobby Slayton and Sue Murphy

and there's more...
Action 7 News (Scooters {excerpt})
** - Comedy World
Action 7 News (Sierra Leone)** - Comedy World
WWF Smackdown - Comedy World
Moesha Felicity - Comedy World
TJ Hooker Spoof - Comedy World
Short musical interludes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

All animation is in Flash format.

Barry In The Bathroom - Kids In The Hall

Noriega's Maid - Sandra Bernhard

The Wet Spot (Episode 3) - Eddie Griffin

Billy and Sprinkles - Harland Williams

Cat Fight Club (game) - Mark Walsh/Comedy World

Eminem Shoot 'Em Up (game)- Mark Walsh/Comedy World

Allergix - Tom Lannoux/Comedy World

All film is in Quicktime format (256k)

First Time Caller
Opening Scene
Please Call Back
The Chase
Enter the Traveller

The Personals
Scene 1
Scene 2